Improve the rate of absorption during transpiration with structured water

In order for plants to survive, large amounts of water molecules are required for capillary effect. Transpiration is the process where liquid water is lost by evaporation through the small openings in plant leaves known as stomata. These stomata open and close based on environmental conditions including light levels, humidity levels, temperature, and soil moisture. Water needed for transpiration is “pulled” from the roots of plants up into the leaves due to the energy in water held within the hydrogen bonds which occurs between water molecules. The process is essential in supplying the plant with sufficient nutrients, for its cooling effects, for the entrance of carbon dioxide required for photosynthesis, and for the proper positioning of water molecules needed to provide the plant the building blocks required to hold its upright form and structure.


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3 must have personal hydration products for any sports athlete

Whether you’re an elite athlete or just a person who is trying to get a better handle on their health through better hydration, structured water is an important step in maximizing the impact of your efforts to drink more water. At its original source, water is a nutrient rich and has a balanced pH level. Unfortunately, the convenience of modern plumbing and water treatment centers has eliminated a great deal of the purposeful structure water once held.

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Modern Farm Equipment and the benefits of a Structured Water Unit

Organic farmers are often inundated with the latest gimmicks that claim benefits, but which are unsubstantiated by reputable, scientific research. On one hand, farmers have customers (the end users) who want organically grown produce. And on the other hand, farmers have to find ways of incorporating proven organic growing methods into their operations while justifying the cost of implementing these methods. Meeting the organic demand while being able to make a fair profit is often a daunting challenge. Continue reading “Modern Farm Equipment and the benefits of a Structured Water Unit”

Stay away from the Kangen Alkaline water machine if you want pure water

The human body is comprised of nearly 70 percent water, with your blood being 92 percent water and your brain and muscles being comprised of 75 percent water. We exist and thrive only because of this precious molecule. So then what would your response be to someone who positioned that a little electrocution would do your body good? That electrifying your bloodstream is some natural process that you should totally undergo?

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How structured water will improve your active day

In today’s world, the average human being is subjected to a wide variety of physical and mental challenges throughout each day. While many people supercharge their mornings with high-energy protein shakes, smoothies, a daily dose of strong coffee or energy drinks, by lunchtime, and sometimes even mid-morning, they begin to feel sluggish, have difficulty concentrating, and may even experience extreme drowsiness. As their busy workday progresses, the physical exhaustion worsens and their mental clarity becomes comparable to a dense fog. Why do so many people’s energy levels plummet after an average workday? Unfortunately, even some of the healthiest eaters of the bunch often underestimate the importance of proper cellular hydration.

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How was living springs water first experience at Expo West 2016?

What did Living Springs Water inspire to do at Expo West 2016?

Living_springs_structured_water_expo_west_2016.jpgWe went to the Natural Products West Expo 2016 to introduce both our residential & personal structured water units. Our residential systems are designed for any home while our personal products have been designed to activate & create Living Springs’ Water on the go to any bottled or filtered water.  This is the largest All Natural Products Expo and is located in Anaheim, CA during the 2nd weekend of March. We came to educate the natural products community about the truth and details of basic to advanced water filtration systems. Also, we wanted to spread knowledge about the difference between water purification, alkaline water, ionized and mineral water, along with the sciences and technologies connected to these processes. This helped with debunking the bottled water market connected to water quality, which is very different from water purity.  We explained the contrast between the many different qualities and steps of water purification being sold in the world, including the claims that one bottled water is better or different from the next.  

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The main differences between Alkaline Water & Structured Water

Nature is pure and simple. It’s alchemically balanced in the vitality or life force of the water, the minerals it contains and the pH level it presents. As such, a single glass of pure living hydrated (or activated), structured water is all it takes to refresh your body, nourishing everything from your skin to the blood flowing through your veins.

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Feed your Produce All Natural Structured Water

To be a successful produce farmer in today’s competitive marketplace, you have to have a superior product, be able to grow as much as possible and you have to keep your expenses down. More importantly, to meet the needs of the ever-expanding global population, your produce must have the longest possible shelf life. It may seem impossible to solve all of these problems, especially while limiting chemical application so your produce remains organic. The answer to all of these complexities, however, is simple: water. More specifically, structured water using resonating mineral ore technology. Continue reading “Feed your Produce All Natural Structured Water”

3 tips on how to keep fruit fresh longer

Wouldn’t it be nice if your newly-purchased fresh fruit from your favorite fruit stand, farmers market, grocery store or even from your own backyard could last for longer than the normal day or two out on your counter tops or in your refrigerator’s crisper drawer? During harvest time, your local area’s fruits and vegetables are consistently offered at the peak of ripeness, which means that you need to consume, can or freeze it within a short amount of time before your fruit starts turning mushy, brown or wilted. You can lengthen its shelf life by following these 3 tips on how to keep fruit fresh longer by utilizing Living Springs Activated Hydrogen Structured Water.



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