Get pure water absorption in your home with a structured water device

The Incredible Importance of Water

It’s difficult to imagine anything more pervasive on Earth than water. It’s estimated that more than 70% of the Earth’s surface is water, and our own bodies contain about 60% water. The brain and heart are thought to be approximately 73% water and the lungs, 83%.


Water is an essential component of all life and you likely realize the importance of consuming minimum amounts of water daily in order to promote good health. You’ve probably heard advice promoting the idea of drinking eight glasses of water daily, while some experts recommend drinking a minimum of 1/2-ounce of water for each pound of body weight you have, although those with high activity levels will likely need more.

Proper Hydration Means More Than Lots of Water

Prior to the Industrial Age, water was pure and unadulterated by the many toxic substances that have subsequently been put into our water sources, into the air and into the ground. The water people consumed was able to hydrate their bodies properly because it was what is termed “structured.” While water can simply be considered as two hydrogen atoms combined with an oxygen molecule, the way these two elements bond together to form the water molecule is extremely important in determining its vitality and hydration capability.

Everything that occurs in nature does so at its own specific rates of vibration and frequency. The atoms that make up our physical world consist of electrons revolving around a nucleus, with each atom vibrating at its own individual frequency. Combining two or more types of atoms together, such as in the bonding of hydrogen and oxygen to produce an H2O (water) molecule, creates a new substance that exhibits its own specific vibrational frequency. Additives to this water molecule, such as the pollutants continually being pumped into the environment, significantly alter these vibrational characteristics.

The Death of Our Water

The water coming out of the taps has become damaged. Water is an integral part of every life process on Earth, and because of this, it has been negatively affected by many of the contaminants plaguing our world, including:

  • Medicines
  • Pesticides
  • Petro-chemicals
  • Industrial pollutants
  • Heavy metals
  • Radiation and more

In addition, other contaminants affect the water as it travels through the hydrological cycle of precipitation and evaporation, including magnetic energy, electrical transmissions, cell phones, radio/television signals, Wi-Fi, etc. All of these additives and processes now affecting ordinary drinking water have stolen its vitality and life-giving force, making it totally different than the pure, pH-balanced, crystalline, structured water nature intended. It also negatively affects our soil and foods grown in that soil.

Giving Back Life, Vitality and Energy

It used to be that, during the hydrologic cycle, water became restructured as it fell from the sky and was absorbed by the Earth and made pure by percolating through the ground and tumbling down mountain streams, waterfalls and rivers. This series of agitation/filtration produced water chock full of life-giving energy.

In today’s water, however, the electrical charges of the hydrogen atoms have become so weakened that unstructured water has been created with a different vibrational frequency than what pure water was meant to be. Water has also become unhealthily acidic rather than having a healthy, neutral pH.

The discovery of Resonating Mineral Ore Technology has made fixing damaged water possible, affordable and simple. Special mineral ores, selected for their precise resonating frequencies, are used to restructure water. Simply coming in contact with these ores and other special ceramic materials while being spun into a vortex neutralizes the contaminants found in tap water.

This can be accomplished on a small scale by using the unique Pursalite beverage stirrer or on a large commercial/agricultural scale using the Pursalex PN-25. There are also several residential applications, such as with the PN-12 under-the-counter or Pursa Rain shower units. These structured water devices are simple to install and to use and require little or no maintenance. Installed in-line with your incoming residential water supply, all of your home’s water will be restructured.

All Natural, Structured Water

The benefits of using water structured through mineral ore technology are phenomenal and far-reaching. Initially developed in an effort to aid the young son of the inventor suffering from an autoimmune disease, the goal was to find a way of achieving true cellular-level hydration, which cannot take place drinking unstructured water. Your body’s cells crave hydration, but only from pure, crystalline, pH-balanced, contaminant-free, energy-laden structured water. This is exactly what Living Springs gives you. In fact, structured water is beneficial in every single water application, including:

  • Watering agriculture, pets and livestock
  • Improving hygiene, including cleaner and softer skin and hair
  • Chlorine smell removal
  • Tastier drinks and foods
  • Cellular-level hydration for your body

Take a close look at how this technology can benefit your life.

To learn more about how structured water can impact you, contact us at Living Springs today.