Does Alkaline water provide true cellular hydration?

Water is two atoms of hydrogen combined with one atom of oxygen. The hydrogen holds in energy and the minerals that supply alkalinity. The clean water coming from waterfalls, rivers and streams has all of the alkalinity necessary to hydrate every cell in your body.


The water you drink from the tap does not have the same alkalinity level or pH balance since it has been treated and purified with chemicals. Some of the mineral salts and potassium, known as electrolytes, are still in the water, but it does not deliver the same level of total hydration.

As a result, water in public systems and bottles may have received an electric shock treatment with negatively charged ions to re-energize the hydrogen. This helps the alkaline level a little, but hydrogen-added water may not be able to reach all of the intra-cellular material in the body that needs hydration. This often occurs as people age and their metabolism slows down.

The pH stands for “power of hydrogen” on a scale of 1-14. A pH balance of 7 is neutral and anything higher indicates more alkalinity or minerals in the water. Minerals generally support good bone health while acids in the lower numbers may be harmful.

Clean, unpolluted river water has a high level of hydrogen and oxygen with negative voltage as it tumbles over rocks. It has a natural high pH based on the minerals in the rocks and does not need processing. But this type of water is difficult to find unless you live near a clean, clear running stream, spring or waterfall. The newer technique of structured water provides the negative ions found in natural springs and clean, pure rainwater to excite the natural hydrogen atoms and minerals.

Structured water uses a vortex system to spin water in two directions simultaneously to affect the electromagnetic properties that provide the negative charge needed to excite hydrogen. It duplicates waterfalls and natural springs in energizing hydrogen. This system works in your home or business with city water to provide the hydrogen and alkaline levels needed for complete absorption.

The process lowers surface tension in the water to 43 dynes per cubic centimeter. The importance of this measurement is that water can be transported to all of your cells, even those deep inside the body.

Making the change

The process of delivering activated hydrogen structured water was created by Living Springs. The healthier water is needed at this time when people live in cities and suburban communities where treated water may travel several hundred miles to reach faucets.

You may decide to drink bottled water, trusting that it is better quality. Some bottlers label their water as coming from pure mountain springs and place the name of the source on the labels. Other labels indicate purified drinking water, probably city water, with minerals added for taste.

Living Springs offers special hydrogen sticks that can be used with bottled water that is not from pure streams. This is often the case with major beverage companies that bottle water and distribute it in the United States and other countries. The sticks activate any bottled water to produce a hydrogen rich water. The sticks can also be used with tap water in containers. Larger structured water and filtration systems are available for homes, commercial buildings and farms.

People on the move, especially athletes, need to stay hydrated with water. Coaches, physical therapists and massage therapists stress the importance of drinking straight water to stay hydrated after workouts and treatments.

Water is the source of life and everyone needs the best water to stay healthy.

To learn more about how structured water can impact you, contact us at Living Springs today.