Why Naturally Alkaline Water still doesn’t provide intra cellular hydration

Ready access to clean, pure water is a mark of a great society and a critical component of an individual’s health. After all, our bodies are comprised of more than 60 percent water, thus making the regular intake of quality water an essential for almost every bodily function.


Unfortunately, many of the world’s water sources are becoming irrevocably polluted. Even here in the United States, communities throughout the western and Appalachian states are no longer trusting of the water in their tap due to an influx of pollutants caused by industrial forces like fracking. This has caused an extreme amount of frustration and confusion over what type of home water treatment is able to produce the best drinking water, and even what type of drinking water is ideal for the human body.

The Popularity of Naturally Alkaline Water and its Problems

One of the initial solutions many people choose is naturally alkaline water. The theory behind the popularity of this alkaline, also known as ionized water, is that its excess supply of electrons are capable of ‘mopping up’ the many dangerous free radicals already swarming through your body. Proponents of alkaline water claim that this corrects your tissue’s acidity which can go so far as to prevent or even reverse degenerative diseases like cancer and arthritis.

When you ingest naturally alkaline water it impacts your body through the reduction of internal acidity and the raising of pH. But for holistic health, you don’t want to swing too far in any direction. In this case, too much alkaline water can cause Alkalosis, leading to the blood’s free calcium to begin binding with protein to cause symptoms like lightheadedness, muscular weakness, muscle cramps, tremors, and more.

It’s important to determine who’s behind the messaging before following any marketing campaign, And a quick look behind the curtains shows that naturally alkaline water is one of those products that’s being pushed more readily by marketers than by scientists. That’s because while alkaline is one step of the puzzle, scientists now recognize that for true intra cellular hydration and rejuvenating bodies, a structured water approach is necessary.

Enter Structured Water and its Inherent Benefits

Let’s zoom out again and look at the entirety of the world’s drinking sources and where they come from. Search out those regarded as the healthiest and you’ll quickly find that they emerge from mountain springs and cascade down as waterfalls, and also from springs bursting from untouched aquifers. In considering their shared components you’ll find slightly acidic water in the range of 6.5 pH and water that is constantly moving, living, as these sources are the exact opposite of stagnant pools waiting in a reservoir.

Structured water devices like those manufactured by Living Springs simulate these naturally moving waters in addition to filtering out known toxins. And the results of such mimicry of the natural vortex process are astounding. Scientists have discovered that altering the movement of water actually alters its molecular structure and activates more oxygen. This leads structured water to have a lower surface tension enabling it to more readily flow into your cells and ultimately increase your intra cellular hydration.

Look around at all of the water in the world. Take notice of how it’s naturally predisposed to move and flow. It should then come as no surprise that just as fresh, organic raw foods are the healthiest to the body, so too is fresh, flowing water the ideal.

To learn more about the inherent benefits in structured water, or to get your own filtration and structured water system for your home, visit us at Living Springs.