3 ways to get healthy again by drinking structured water

All over the internet… water treatment systems claim to be able to heal the body, but which water system should you choose and or which bottled water should one drink? Does it matter if your water is alkaline?, ionized? purified? distilled? structured? Why? Doctors and Health Practitioners will tell you to “drink plenty of water up to (8) 8oz cups a day,” “flush out the system”,  “stay hydrated”, But  did you know that there are two kinds of hydration? So what kind of hydration are we talking about?  First let’s talk about the two basic types of hydration.  There is “extra”cellular hydration which is the water that remains outside of the cells and then there is “intra”cellular hydration which is the water that is able to enter the cell and hydrate us. Also known as “cellular hydration.”


Now back to which water to drink, assuming that there are no chemicals added to treat water, and making it safe to consume! How do you know which water is right for you? Remember this… water has one main job and that is to hydrate and detox your cells.  If it isn’t doing that then it isn’t worth drinking. But isn’t all water the same?  What it truly comes down to is… does it hydrate your cells or not? True water quality really depends on what it can actually do once it enters your body. In other words how do the different waters affect their environments?  Why do we have all these different waters?  I thought there was only one water on the planet and it was either in a living health giving state or it was lifeless, lacking vitality with poor ability to hydrate due to processing such as municipal filtration or pollution. Sure healthy water must be fairly pure without contamenants Water contains energy which essentially lies within the hydrogen bonds.  This concentration of energy within the water molecule cluster is necessary for it to be strong enough to enter the cell wall.  This is called “Intra”cellular Hydration.  Does your body get proper “intra”cellular hydration from tap water or bottled water? Does it even get proper “intra”cellular hydration from any purified drinking water?   The answer may surprise you.

#1 – Drinking Structured Water Helps maintain “Intra”cellular Hydration

To obtain intracellular hydration, you must consume “living water”.  Living water contains energy that it obtained from being in its natural environment. This means that the more “alive” or “living” (vibrationally active) the water is the more the energy it has to be able to enter the cell and therefore the more it hydrates and remains in the cell longer with less water evaporation allowing the cells to stay hydrated longer.  This makes sense considering that some of the longest living people on earth get their drinking water from natural wells and mountain springs (which is impractical in today’s environment).  When you bottle, pipe, process and synthesize water it loses its energy and natural ability to hydrate and heal you.  By Activating Hydrogen, also called structuring the water you can actually bring the water back to its true state as nature intended.

In contrast… Alkaline water is water with a higher pH obtained level than regular water and uses electricity to split the water molecule through a process called ionization. Advocates claim that alkaline water neutralizes acid in your bloodstream (counter intuitively it neutralizes your stomach acids which are necessary for digestion). They also claim that it prevents disease, and slows the aging process. If you don’t already know, this is far from the truth.  The truth is that Alkaline water can actually be damaging to your health. Aziz Patel at Living Springs says that most of the information out there are just marketing ploys with very little to no scientific validity to backup their claims.  The bottom line is that drinking Ionized or Alkaline water does not necessarily hydrate you.  Staying healthy, youthful and disease free comes from optimum hydration, good diet, proper sleep and exercise.  

  • #2 – Drinking Structured water flushes toxins out of your body

Water plays a key role in detoxification.  It is the element in which many of the toxins are eliminated from the body, but it must hydrate the cell in order to do that. Drinking plenty of water flushes your system and helps excrete waste products. By drinking structured “living” water you are able to hydrate your cells and therefore detox your cell and body thus balancing your pH. How does this happen?  Water that has a specific electrical charge holds the energy to penetrate the cell. How do we obtain this electrical charge or energy held in the water molecule?  In nature, water builds up energy as it moves along the mountain stream beds collecting information from the rocks (minerals) and the vegetation along its path. Water contains the highest energy at night and while moving in a “cycloid spiral space-curve motion”, otherwise known as vortexing, however, vortexing isn’t the complete answer as many would like to claim. During this movement down the stream other very important chemical reactions also take place activating the hydrogen and thus the hydrogen bonds. To obtain intracellular hydration, you must consume “living water”.  This means that the more alive “structured” the water is the more the energy it has to be able to enter the cell and therefore the more it hydrates and remains in the cell longer with less water evaporation allowing cells to stay hydrated longer.  

  • #3 – Drinking structured water helps you lose weight

Drinking structured water and hydrating your cells actually speeds up your metabolism. In turn, your body will have more energy and therefore burn more fat. In addition, once we get re-hydrated which takes about 2 weeks we may notice that we have lost as much as 2 lbs. of extracellular water.  We essentially get energy from hydrogen.  It is the fuel of the universe and our bodies. Hydrogen bond energy i.e. “active hydrogen” is the energy the water molecule relies on to push the cell door open so it can hydrate and detoxify the body.  Once the water molecule has entered your cells, your mitochondria uses this hydrogen energy to turn food energy (ADP) into actual useable energy (ATP) so you can burn more fat.


Drinking Structured Water Helps maintain Intracellular Hydration, flushes toxins out of your body and balances your body chemistry and pH all the while helping you lose weight and giving you more energy to focus.