Other all natural solutions to making structured water yourself

Water is the most ubiquitous substance on earth, covering about 70% of its surface. Interestingly, water is also the main constituent found in the human body, similarly making up about 70% of each human organism. Water is the major building block of life, sustaining us and our planet from macro down to microscopic levels. Unfortunately, our finite source of clean, useable water has been steadily declining in both quality and character.


It’s Not As Simple as Just H2O

H2O, water, consists of two elements – hydrogen and oxygen. Because of the way these two elements are structured atomically, one atom of oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen are needed to form one single molecule of water. One extremely important aspect of water quality is the strength of the bonds joining the oxygen and hydrogen. These “hydrogen bonds” weaken as water purity diminishes. This causes water’s loss of vitality and integrity.

Water molecules possessing weak hydrogen bonds is considered “dead.” This describes most all of the water you use, whether for drinking, cooking, bathing, laundering, brushing your teeth, etc. Weak bonds negatively affect every single aspect of the water you use, including the water typically used for irrigation of food crops.

How Can We Help?

The first step in knowing how to make water “live” again is to realize that there is a problem. Not only is environmental pollution causing great harm to the planet’s water supply but the chemicals added to supposedly “purify” it and the long systems of piping utilized in delivery add even more bad stuff to the soup. Although this water may be generously filtered through various means such as reverse osmosis or activated carbon filtration, these will only help in removing certain contaminants from your water but they’ll do nothing to strengthen the weakened hydrogen bonds.

At Living Springs we’ve learned the secrets of revitalizing dead water through the use of specially developed technologies utilizing biochemistry and quantum physics. The discovery of all-natural, naturally-occurring mineral ores having the unique ability to bring water back to an optimum vibrational rate makes this possible. These ores strengthen the hydrogen bonds and enrich the water with oxygen. Equipment now exists for revitalizing all kinds of water, whether for residential, industrial or agricultural purposes.

Personal Use Is Most Important

Of all the water you use on a daily basis, none is more important than the water you consume. A major fault of weak hydrogen bonds in drinking water, whether it’s coming directly out of the ground through your well, through a pipe supplied by your municipality or in the expensive stuff they’re selling at your local grocery store – is its inability to sufficiently hydrate. Intra-cellular hydration is critically important to good cellular health, which is key to your overall physical health. Here are some items to consider if you’re of a mind to fix the problem by fixing the water.

While it’s most advantageous to install a whole-house conditioning unit to revitalize all the water in your home, you’ll also need a way to treat beverages while on the go. Here are three ideas:

  • PursaLite Stick – enrich and enhance each beverage you consume by stirring it beforehand with this stir stick featuring proprietary, revitalizing mineral ores. Reduces free radicals and acids. Only takes a 10-15 second stir to improve taste, neutralize contaminants and improve hydration capability.
  • PursaFusion Stick – designed to activate and invigorate your drinking water by the glassful or bottleful. Just drop the stick in for a minute to do its thing.
  • PursaCreek Stick– neutralizes contaminants and enhances taste, returning water to its natural, “non-taste” state.

To learn more about how structured water can impact you, contact us at Living Springs today.