Looking for a better way to cleanse your body?

Looking for a better way to cleanse your body? Originally found in nature, activated hydrogen structured water is a healthy cleansing alternative to standard water’s ability to remove soap and oils from your skin.


Why Structured Water Works

Activated Hydrogen Structured Water works because of its active hydrogen and electric potential held within the hydrogen bonds.  During the process, the water molecules are energetically brought back to their natural “living” state where the electrical charge within the hydrogen bond is now strong enough to penetrate the cell wall.  The process allows the water to actually be healthy or life-giving, which translates into a healthier body, skin and hair in addition to .

Using the standard methods of washing your face with soap and tap  water can leave your skin feeling dry and sluggish, with build-up and other impurities wreaking havoc on your overall sense of well-being.

Why Soap Build-Up Happens

While water can remove dirt from skin, water can’t remove the oil your body naturally needs. Soaps contain bonding agents called fatty acids, which include hydrogen, carbon and oxygen atoms. These fatty acids include lipophilic acids which bond with the skin’s oils and hydrophilic acids which bond with water and work together to remove the lipophilic acids and attached oils from your skin when you wash. Sometimes these acids and oils are not rinsed away thoroughly because the water being used doesn’t contain enough cleaning power becuase there isn’t enough energy in the water molecule.

If you are used to using standard soap and tap water to wash your face, you may notice that your skin has a tendency to feel dry and can even feel thick with soap buildup after a while. You may notice that soap can build up on different parts of your body as well if you shower with a standard soap solution. It takes a long time to reduce the skin bumps that start to build up over time because the soap doesn’t rinse off. This happens because the water’s basic cell structure does not contain the strong hydrogen bonds that structured water contains. Activated hydrogen structured water makes water a better detergent and able to remove the soap molecules that are left on your skin with regular water.

Sensitive skin requires additional care in order to calm the skin and keep redness and breakouts at bay. If you have sensitive skin, using structured water to cleanse your face and body makes natural sense in achieving balanced skin. This is because the structured water hydrates cells more thoroughly and will carry the dirt and oils away easier than regular water.

Structured Water’s Unique Properties

Structured water’s answer lies in the strong hydrogen bonds created within the water molecule cluster itself which allows for true “intra” cellular hydration. Structured water hydrates the cell naturally and because of this, the hydrogen in the water rejuvenate cells and energize the body. Water becomes a strong anti-oxidant in its own right.

Your Body Craves Structured Water

As your skin and cells get older, it gets harder for it to keep itself hydrated, and it starts to lose its shape. There is a decreased ability to absorb water. With structured water, your skin is able to effectively absorb more hydrogen ions because structured water is highly soluble and can absorb body minerals and vitamins.

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