How was living springs water first experience at Expo West 2016?

What did Living Springs Water inspire to do at Expo West 2016?

Living_springs_structured_water_expo_west_2016.jpgWe went to the Natural Products West Expo 2016 to introduce both our residential & personal structured water units. Our residential systems are designed for any home while our personal products have been designed to activate & create Living Springs’ Water on the go to any bottled or filtered water.  This is the largest All Natural Products Expo and is located in Anaheim, CA during the 2nd weekend of March. We came to educate the natural products community about the truth and details of basic to advanced water filtration systems. Also, we wanted to spread knowledge about the difference between water purification, alkaline water, ionized and mineral water, along with the sciences and technologies connected to these processes. This helped with debunking the bottled water market connected to water quality, which is very different from water purity.  We explained the contrast between the many different qualities and steps of water purification being sold in the world, including the claims that one bottled water is better or different from the next.  

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